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How do i set the text of a button in ios with the web address stored in parse.com i have the data ready to insert but can't work out how its done.

The data comes from parse.com and is ready to insert

- (IBAction)WebAddressBtn:(id)sender {

    [sender setTitle:([self.exam objectForKey:@"website"]) forState:UIControlStateNormal];

This don't seem to work eventually i want it so when clicked it will go off to that domain from the data i have tried a few various options but with no luck

i have done an NSlog and the result in data is website = "www.bbc.co.uk";

And when i open the Viewcontroller with the button on i get the default test that in in the control side of xcode and when i click it nothing happens. (which i know would happen as there is no link there yet)

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Try to add NSLog([self.exam objectForKey:@"website"]); just before setting the title to check if you have data. –  Keenle Jul 21 at 10:40
Can you explain a bit more what you want to do? Also, when you say it doesn't work what exactly do you mean? What IS happening and what ISN'T happening, etc... –  Fogmeister Jul 21 at 10:46
post updated with more info –  Mike J Aspinall Jul 21 at 11:21

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