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I'd like to be able to write a time string that looks like this: 1:04:02.1 hours using printf.
When I try to write something like this:

printf("%d:%02d:%02.1f hours\n", 1, 4, 2.123456);

I get:

1:04:2.1 hours

Is it possible to add leading zeros to a float formatting?

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With the %f format specifier, the "2" is treated as the minimum number of characters altogether, not the number of digits before the decimal dot. Thus you have to replace it with 4 to get two leading digits + the decimal point + one decimal digit.

printf("%d:%02d:%04.1f hours\n", 1, 4, 2.123456);
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great, works. for 2 decimal places then you need %05.2f –  steveh Mar 14 '13 at 10:05

Try %04.1f instead of %02.1f. The "4" here means at least 4 characters will be printed, and "2.1" has 3 (> 2) characters, so to enable the padding zeros you need 4.

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