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I'm using a JSRender template:

<li><div><img src='{{>url}}' alt='pic{{:#index+1}}'/>{{if description}}<p>{{>description}}</p>{{/if}}</div></li>.

The data that I want to render is the following:

var data = [{ url : '/some/picture.jpg' ,description: 'lorem ipsum' },{ url : '/some/picture.jpg' ,description: 'lorem ipsum' } ,{ url : '/some/picture.jpg' ,description: 'lorem ipsum' },{ url : '/some/picture.jpg' ,description: 'lorem ipsum' },{ url : '/some/picture.jpg' ,description: 'lorem ipsum' },{ url : '/some/picture.jpg' ,description: 'lorem ipsum' }];

But the html actually rendered is the following (for each one):

<li><div><img src='/some/picture.jpg' alt='pic{{:#index+1}}'/></div></li>

even though there is the description property in the array.

I'm using an old version of JSRender (I don't even know the version), I tried to change it but it causes greater problems (there are problems in the initialization). I also tried this in the http://www.jsviews.com/ 'Try it' section and the result is different from the one I get, and it's the expected one. Does anyone have any idea?

Thanks in advance for your time.

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If the result is correct in the http://www.jsviews.com/ 'Try it' section, then there must be something wrong in your code for invoking the template render.

Can you put your version on a jsfiddle, or show your complete code here - and make sure you are using the latest JsRender, e.g. from here: http://www.jsviews.com/download/jsrender.js

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