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is there any ready to go solution within the microsoft framework, regarding conversion of date to day?

For example, i would like to convert this string 21/03/2010 (dd/mm/yyyy) to Sunday

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Dim d = DateTime.Parse("21/03/2010").DayOfWeek()
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This code will print Sunday on the console window

    Dim dateToShow as DateTime =  new DateTime(2010, 03,21)

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I recommend you include a DateTime.Parse() statement in your code sample to explain how to parse his original input of "21/03/2010" rather than just hard-coding it. – Maxim Zaslavsky Mar 21 '10 at 8:57

This should print "Sunday".

   string myDateTimeString = "21/03/2010";

   DateTime dt = DateTime.ParseExact(
        myDateTimeString, "dd/MM/yyyy", 
        new CultureInfo("en-Us", true)
        , DateTimeStyles.NoCurrentDateDefault);

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I would use DateTime.TryParse() just to validate the user input.

Dim input As String = "2010/12/23"
Dim dateTime As DateTime
If DateTime.TryParse(input, dateTime) Then
End If
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