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I want to split a string by the first appearance of "(" and last ")".

For example I have a string: recordWith( camera(), smartphone() );

I want:

        [0] recordWith
        [1] camera()
        [2] smartphone()

I had the regex "[\\()]" but this splits all brackets.

Can someone help me?

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The expression


Will split the input string into three captures.


The ^ and $ anchor the match to the whole input string.

The ([^()]*) part finds zero or more characters that are not round brackets and save them in the first capture group, the outer round brackets denote a capture group.

The \( matches the first real bracket.

The (.*) captures the middle section.

The \) matches the last bracket.

The ([^()]*) finds zero or more characters that are not round brackets.

Regular expression checked with Notepad++ 6.6.7. Do not have access to Java to say how to make use of the captured values.

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Look for preceding and following whitespace.

String s = "recordWith( camera(), smartphone() )";
String[] parts = s.split("[(,]\\s+|\\s+\\)$");


[recordWith, camera(), smartphone()]
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You can use split() method and it will in all the case whether there is any space or not after parenthesis and comma.

Live demo

String s="recordWith( camera(), smartphone() )";    


Live demo



[recordWith, camera(), smartphone()]
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