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Windows error report (WER) is a tool that identifies a "unique" crash by applying some heuristics and assigning a unique ID to the crash which is known as fault bucket. In other words, a fault bucket identification number is a number assigned by the system to identify specific types of errors, usually based on a specific application.

Is there a way by which we can determine how many times a particular crash ID is generated i.e. does Microsoft provide a mechanism to fetch an application related error info so that we can get an idea as what percentage of users get a particular crash?

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You access crash info from your Windows Dev Center dash board. Probably something you haven't setup yet when you ask a question like this, start here. –  Hans Passant Jul 21 at 14:15
@HansPassant Among the dashboard services in the link provided you, which service will provide the information I require? I was looking into the Reports service, but that too doesn't say anything about the unique fault buckets.. –  Sankalp Jul 21 at 14:32

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