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I'm experiencing an issue with ActiveMQ and would like to trace/view all ActiveMQ activity. The only log file I can find is one associated with persistent data (if this is turned on). Are there any other log files I view or generate to tell me what's happening under the hood of ActiveMQ and why my consumers aren't consuming messages? Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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activemq has a jmx interface that you can connect to.

this gives us access to consumer counts messages queued dequeue and all sorts of data on memory usage etc.

Has all the details to get you started.

I find it excellent in finding out whats going on with activemq.

A quick firing up of jconsole and you will be well on your way to finding out what is going on.


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Agreed. Also you can add the logging interceptor which helps.

Finally for browsing messages, moving them, creating/deleting queues and sending message I highly recommend the new web console for ActiveMQ, Camel and many other plugins: hawtio

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Try HawtIO. Assuming you are not using Active MQ 5.9 you can add this feature to your broker. It is a much better web console and a good JMX monitoring utility as well.

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