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The new OpenMP 4 library now allows to use accelerators such as GPGPU.
Is OpenMP 4 implemented on top of OpenCL for these kind of tasks?

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I Google the title of your question, and found this. It does not appear to suggest that the two are interrelated. –  Robert Harvey Jul 21 at 13:43
@RobertHarvey: interesting article, but it has been published in 2012, maybe written the year before, when OpenMP 4 did not exist, yet. –  Pietro Jul 21 at 13:56
Still, I didn't find anything else that suggested the two are related in the way that you describe. Is there an actual problem you're trying to solve here? –  Robert Harvey Jul 21 at 13:57
I just wanted to know if the GPGPU part of the new OpenMP 4 had to written from scratch, or if a lower level library such as OpenCL was used. If the second option was true, then it could even be possible to make OpenMP and OpenCL work together. –  Pietro Jul 21 at 14:06
An OpenMP 4 implementation could certainly make use of OpenCL if it wanted to, but it's not a requirement of the standard. –  jprice Jul 21 at 14:11

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In some cases, yes. See TI's OpenMP Accelerator Model runtime implementation as an example. This is due to the fact that OpenCL is a mature standard with significant infrastructure. OpenMP accelerator support is new in version 4.0, so vendors are scrambling to add support.

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