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I have generated my first table with the python pywin32 package. I would like to add another table after the first one. Can anyone help me on that?

create the first table with 6 rows and 4 columns:

from win32com.client import Dispatch,constants
mw = Dispatch('Word.Application')
mw.Visible = 1
md = mw.Documents.Add(Template = MYDIR + '\\Template for tests.docx')
rng = md.Range(0,0)
tabletu = md.Tables.Add(rng,6,4)

To create the next table what should be the rng? How could I set my Range object? Any tutorial on that? Also how could I close and save it properly? I used:

filename = "CPM Production FAT Procedures.docx"                                   

But each time it increases the document number.


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win32com is just a wrapper for Microsoft's COM API. All the functions and properties that you are calling are part of the COM API for Word. You will find that API extensively documented here:

You might find the article Working with Range Objects particularly instructive in this case.

All of the examples will be in VB, but it's fairly trivial to read across to Python/win32com.

For your particular problem something like the following should work:

rng = md.Range(md.Content.End-1, md.Content.End)
rng = md.Range(md.Content.End-1, md.Content.End)
another_table = md.Tables.Add(rng,6,4)

As for your saving issue, I can't reproduce the problem. If I repeatedly save with the same filename, I see the same file being over-written.

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