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I'm trying to deploy an azure service. I already have the package (created it using cspack.exe).

I put in a folder only 2 files: SomePackage.cspkg and SomeServiceConfiguration.cscfg

when running from this folder the following command:

Publish-AzureServiceProject -Package .\SomePackage.cspkg -Configuration SomeServiceConfiguration.cscfg

i'm getting the following error:

Publish-AzureServiceProject : Path for service configuration doesn't exist in C:\Users\ronyl\Desktop\dep\ServiceConfiguration.Cloud.cscfg.

note that I gave the cmdlet a path to another configuration file. Why does it look for this specific configuration file?

I'm using version 2.3 of the azure SDK

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did you try providing full path to the config file? –  trailmax Jul 21 at 15:37
Yep.. same error. –  rony l Jul 21 at 19:40
I think you need to try New-AzureDeployment command instead. Documentation for Publish-AzureServiceProject says it is for publishing current project (msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn495166.aspx). And New-AzureDeployment is to actually deploy (msdn.microsoft.com/library/azure/jj152867.aspx). Names are somewhat deceiving. –  trailmax Jul 21 at 20:00

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