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I wanna implement a sparkline addin on my tablecomponent within my cde dashboard. I've read the relative documentation. It said that, before setting options, i need to create an object like following:

 var sparkline = {
    name: "sparkline",
    label: "Sparkline",
    defaults: {
      type: 'line'
    init: function(){

      // Register this for datatables sort
      var myself = this;
      $.fn.dataTableExt.oSort[this.name+'-asc'] = function(a,b){
        return myself.sort(a,b)
      $.fn.dataTableExt.oSort[this.name+'-desc'] = function(a,b){
        return myself.sort(b,a)
    sort: function(a,b){
      return this.sumStrArray(a) - this.sumStrArray(b);
    sumStrArray: function(arr){
      return arr.split(',').reduce(function(prev, curr, index, array){  
        console.log("Current " + curr +"; prev " +  prev); 
        return parseFloat(curr) + (typeof(prev)==='number'?prev:parseFloat(prev));

    implementation: function (tgt, st, opt) {
      var t = $(tgt);

Dashboards.registerAddIn("Table", "colType", new AddIn(sparkline));

Can you tell me please where can i create it ? Is it created in a separated component or on the same javascript preexecution function as the tablecomponent ?

I am so confused :s !

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Any suggestions ?? –  user2311028 Jul 22 at 10:09

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