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I have a ASP.NET/VB that had a GridView to display a list of users from the Users table.

I changed the primary key column name in the database from PKID to UserID and updated all the old references to PKID in the declarations and code behind. I also deleted the WebsiteCache folder which held the visual studio cache of the website.

When I drop a new SQLDatasource on the page and try to configure it, the old PKID is still there but when I connect via Server Explorer the UserID column is shown as expected.

Is there another cache or something I'm missing in all this?

The error is:

UserID is neither a DataColumn nor a DataRelation for table DefaultView

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Did you try to refresh the schema in the Server Explorer? Also, if you have added a connection, just try to remove or refresh it before adding your SqlDataSource.

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I did try the refresh from the datasource and from the grid itself, no luck. I created a new page dropped a new SQLDatasource and new gridview. no problem. I could just do that again but I've already customized the existing datasource. VS is doing something to cache this stuff but I don't know where –  Brian Boatright Oct 29 '08 at 23:26

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