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ok so I had a machine- TS-EX-05 up and running.- I had installed exchange 2013 - I have successfully connected- I shut it down and added the following end points- smtp- http- https- I don't recall if I was able to rdp in immediately after this change- my next login attempt gave me a "credential expired" error- I tried logging in as the AD admin, and the local admin, and get the same error.- I set the public port on the rdp endpoint to the default port- I removed the endpoint, and re-added- I removed the machine and restored it from a captured image (no generalization)- I can not rdp from the DC or from outside- I have noticed on my last 3 machines made from this image that there is no "HOST NAME" or "RDP Certificate Thumbprint" in the dashboard for this machine.- I was not able to locate a place to install a certificate.- im not sure im savvy enough to get in with visual studio either (I got as far as installing the SDKK 2012 and 2013 and got lost)- I am also not smart enough to open a remote powershell and disable network level authentication to see if that works

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ok, so I logged into a machine on the same network (TS-DC-05), and I was able to rdp into this machine (TS-EX-07) with the local admin credential. -- I don't know exactly what this means, but imam try pulling it off the local network, re-adding it, then disabling that network authentication thing and see if I can get that thumbprint to show back up. –  5L1mm Jul 21 '14 at 17:34

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