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I'm changing my project from working with Linq-to-SQL to working with Entity Framework.

I have some extention methods that extend the classes created by LINQ and I'm wondering how to change them to work with the entities instead

Here's an example.

public static int GetPublishedArticlesCount(this Table<Article> source)
        return GetPublishedArticles(source.Context as DataContext, null).Count();

This method gets the number of published articles. Instead of using this Table<Article>, what should I use instead?

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You probably need to use the ObjectQuery<T> class.

public static int GetPublishedArticlesCount(this ObjectQuery<Article> source)
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Thank you, this was what I was after. – Johan Alkstål Mar 21 '10 at 13:11

Analog of Table<> (linq 2 sql) in EntityFramework is ObjectQuery

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As the previous poster metioned you could use ObjectQuery to get the result.

To make the method more generic as an extension method to ObjectQuery & get count of any type perhaps this might help:

public static int GetCount<T>(this ObjectQuery<T> query){
    return query.CreateQuery<T>(typeof(T).Name).Count();

NOTE: I am writing this code from top of my head, might has some sytax errors...


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