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I'm trying to use asp-perl to pre-process some files that have embedded perl, asp style (probably doesn't matter, but it's not html).

for example:

want this <%="yes"%>
not this <%print "no" %>

I would like it to yield:

want this yes
not this

and have the 'no' end up in a different file or stream.

Is there some flag/configuration to enable this? I tried looking in CGI, Apache::ASP,... and nothing's jumping out at me.

EDIT. After burning a bunch of time in the debugger, I've found that overriding these two subs gives me the result I want. a bit of a hack. I guess I only needed the first sub. The second is to avoid writing to a file.

sub Apache::ASP::InitPackageGlobals {
  my $self = shift;

  # unless ($self->{response_tied}) {
  #   # set printing to Response object
  #   $self->{response_tied} = 1;
  #   tie *RESPONSE, 'Apache::ASP::Response', $self->{Response};
  #   select(RESPONSE);
  # }

  # ---- init package objects ----
  # unoptimized this because we should only call this function once
  # and maybe twice if there is a defined Script_OnStart
  for my $object (@Apache::ASP::Objects) {
    for my $import_package (@{$self->{init_packages}}) {
      my $init_var = $import_package.'::'.$object;
      $$init_var = $self->{$object};


my $parse_results = "";
sub Apache::ASP::CGI::print {
  $parse_results .= join("", map { ref($_) =~ /SCALAR/ ? $$_ : $_; } @_); 
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I'm not sure the asp-classic tag is helping you get any answers. –  John Jul 22 '14 at 4:27
@John - any suggestions for a better tag? –  mmccoo Jul 22 '14 at 19:57
Well I know classic ASP but I have never heard of asp-perl. Maybe a perl tag might be better??? –  John Jul 22 '14 at 23:43

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