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I wrote a fabfile for our developers this week to help with deployment of DBs and files to remote staging and production environments. Its a fairly complex fabfile that uses configured json file to help set production / staging env variables.

My question is can I somehow add my fabfile to /usr/bin to run the fabfile globally. Being able to run commands without having to copy and past the fabfile into each webroot(design agency problems).

Ideally i could do:

fab deploy

within Sites/site.dev/ or Sites/site2.dev/ without having to copy the fabfile into those directories. I assume there must be a way to accomplish this using aliases but my knowledge here is too weak to get that job done.

My system is osx.

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Be careful with fab as it is searching for files to run relatively from current directory. If you would write "global script", make sure, you are in proper directory. –  Jan Vlcinsky Jul 21 '14 at 17:56
all the commands use relative paths. if i ran fab deploy inside the webroot of my current site it would look for a fabric_config.json file in the current working directory. I have checks to make sure files exist that need to exist before running. –  Parker Hutchinson Jul 21 '14 at 17:58

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I think I solved my dilemma. It turns out you can specify fabfile location using the -f flag. from here it was pretty simple to create aliases for commands like

alias deployfiles='fab -f ../devops/fabfile.py syncfiles'

$ deployfiles

Pretty obvious, surprised no one gave this solution.

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