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I'm using JMF in my application. I'm trying to install jffmpeg since I'm encountering the format not supported exception. I've tried following this but I got lost. I enter JMF registry ok but what should I do to include the new codecs? (Also when I press Add "Could not add item" comes up... I'm running on Windows 7).

Thanks and regards, Krt_Malta

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I didn't use Jffmpeg. I used Fobs4JMF. Easy to use since the file is configured ready for Fobs4JMF so no installation or registering, just copy and paste.

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This is even better I think, simpler to use and probably more professional:

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To register new codecs you have to include jffmpeg-1.1.0.jar in the liblaries path first, then register

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Don't know about codecs, but at least you cannot use JMF for capturing images on Windows 7. Try it on an XP virtual PC (VMWare will work for sure)

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