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I am attempting a very simple application with NServiceBus and Ninject.

I am attempting to use Ninject as the container for NServiceBus, but I am getting the following error - "NServiceBus.IStartableBus is not registered in the container."

I'm sure the answer is quite obvious... just not to me!

My code is as follows

public class StartApp : IWantCustomInitialization, IWantToRunWhenBusStartsAndStops
    private static IKernel _kernel;
    public IBus Bus { get; set; }

    public void Init()

    public void Start()
        _kernel = new StandardKernel();


        Bus.Send(new TestMessage {Id = Guid.NewGuid(), MessageText = "Bloop"});

    public void Stop()


namespace NServiceBus_Ninject_Simple
    public class EndpointConfig : IConfigureThisEndpoint, AsA_Server
    { }
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what packages & versions are you using? – BatteryBackupUnit Jul 22 '14 at 5:55
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This google groups discussion is about the same issue.

It seems you are creating the configuration in the wrong place. It should look like this:

public abstract class DefaultEndpointConfig
    : IConfigureThisEndpoint
    , IWantCustomInitialization
      // + any other config;

    // Call optional endpoint specific config

  public virtual void Init()

See here (Johannes Gustafsson)

It needs to be done in the EndPoint-Configuration (for every endpoint, this is why he suggests using a base class) and it needs to implement IConfigureThisEndpoint.

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