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I have a search function which allows a user to search for items. From the generated list, the user can add items to a list. After adding an item from the list, the page reloads and the user is returned to their current search list. However, currently, if a user has not searched for anything, and just adds an item of the top of the list (starting at 'A, for example), when the page reloads it includes a blank search query in the url. I know why, it is because of this line

redirect_to admin_job_job_products_path(@job, search_term: params[:search_term])

I want to make the last argument in the redirect path a conditional one so that, if say the :search_term == nil || == "" || " " then the redirect_to only includes the first argument.

How would I best achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

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You can do:

if params[:search_term].present?
  redirect_to admin_job_job_products_path(@job, search_term: params[:search_term])
  redirect_to admin_job_job_products_path(@job)  


redirect_to admin_job_job_products_path(@job, params[:search_term].present? search_term: params[:search_term] : nil)


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