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I have a form in weather that would have had the condition User add as many lines he needs. He clicks a button and an input is added below the other. I can do this using jQuery, but I would use the resources of the Meteor and Handlebars. Is it possible to do?

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Yes it is, here is an example from one of my apps (using underscore package):

In the main template:

<template name="ask">
{{#each answerArray}} 

<button id="addItem">Add item</button>

<template name="answer">
<div class="input-group pt10">
    <input class="form-control answer" maxlength="30" placeholder="Answer (max 30 chars)" name="answer" />
    <span class="input-group-btn">
        <button class="btn btn-danger delButton" id="{{id}}" data-id="{{id}}" type="button">Delete</button>

In the js file:

Template.ask.created = function () { Session.set('action', 'ask'); answerArray = [ //adding at least two items but it could also be empty { id: Random.id(), //using this to give an unique id to the control value: '' }, { id: Random.id(), value: '' } ]; Session.set('answerArr', answerArray); }

And the click event:

Template.ask.events = {
'click #addItem': function () {
    var answerArray = Session.get('answerArr');
        id: Random.id() //just a placeholder, you could put any here
    Session.set('answerArr', answerArray);

And finally the helper:

answerArray: function () {
    var answerArray = Session.get("answerArr")

    while (answerArray.length < 2) { //i chose to have it between 2 and 6, you can remove these
            id: Random.id() 
    while (answerArray.length > 6) { // maximum
    Session.set('answerArr', answerArray);
    return answerArray;

This will reactively increase the number of inputs. After that, if you want to process the inputs you could do the following, on a submit form event or button click:

'click #saveQ': function (e) {
    var arr = [];
    _.each($('.answer'), function (item) {
        if ($(item).val() != '')
                answer: $(item).val(), //this you customize for your own purposes
                number: 0

And also if you want to delete an input from the page you can use:

Template.answer.events = {
'click .delButton': function (e) {
    var thisId = $(e.target).attr("id");

    var answerArray = Session.get('answerArr');

    var filteredArray = _.filter(answerArray, function (item) {
        return item.id != thisId;

    Session.set('answerArr', filteredArray);
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