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I am writing an image processing program, which works well, but I need to process multiple images.

First, I made an array of images:

images = ((image1.tif),

Then, I created a for loop:

for image in images:
    dna = cv2.imread(image)

The problem is, whenever I run the code, the console returns an error of

TypeError: expected string or Unicode object, tuple found

At this line:

dna = cv2.imread(image)

It seems that the program is trying to process the whole array at once. I thought that the loop worked by processing one image in the array at a time? Can anybody help me with this?

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You should wrap the filenames using single or double quotes:

images = (('image1.tif'),

You can also use list instead of tuples:

images = ['image1.tif', 'image2.tif', image3.tif']
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images = (("image1.tif"),
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