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I am using Sugar ORM in my app. It works ok except one action, that is, I cannot bulk delete.

My class is like this

public class Person extends SugarRecord<Person> {

String name;
String image;
String companyLFirst;
String companyLSecond;
String grade;
int ranking;

public Person(Context context) {

    public Person(Context context, String name, String image, String companyL1, String companyL2, String grade,
        int ranking) {
//getters and setters below

I can save, I can listAll, but cannot deleteAll:

Person.deleteAll(Person.class);//does nothing, data is not getting deleted

Has anybody used deleteAll of Sugar ORM? Does it work actually?

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I don't see a .deleteAll method in your Person class. Is it in SugarRecord? –  Robert Harvey Jul 22 '14 at 3:30
@RobertHarvey right, it is in SugarRecord satyan.github.io/sugar/getting-started.html –  Roman Jul 22 '14 at 3:56
@Roman i can see your java file ? –  JATIN DEVANI Mar 31 at 6:33

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I've used it in the example here. https://github.com/satyan/sugar/blob/master/example/src/com/example/SugarActivity.java

It certainly does work there. Is there an error logged in the background or something to determine the cause.

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I switched to 1.3 jar, and still nothing. No logs, no deletions. –  Roman Jul 23 '14 at 3:02
What was the problem in your project Roman? It would be helpful if you let everyone else know here too :). –  gleenn Sep 7 '14 at 16:32

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