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I am working on an Android app which has a ViewPager with several possible pages. Some of these pages could have a video too. I want to place an embedded video view in those pages, along with a media controller on the video itself.

I have looked into two main solutions:

1- "android.widget.VideoView": It worked ok, but it was hard to place the media view on the VideoView, and also make the video full-size. It also required converting the youtube urls to RTSP format. In short: it seems to need a lot of effort to make it work.

2- "com.google.android.youtube.player.YouTubePlayerView" works as expected. Of course, it i limited to youtube clips only. It also requires "YouTubePlayerView" to be in a layout inflated in a YouTubeBaseActivity or YouTubePlayerFragment. But this is not guaranteed in my code and I need the VideoView to work in a normal activity and fragment.

So, I am still looking for the right solution. Ideally I am looking for something that:

1- can simply take a video url and figure out how to play it.

2- works for youtube for sure, and preferably other sources too.

3- works in a normal Android activity and fragment.

4- can have a media controller that is displayed on the video view and not under it.

5- can become a full-screen video view and back.

Can anyone point me to a sample code, or a library with the above capabilities? Thanks in advance.

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