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Under the asset_host, config.action_mailer.asset_host = "http://localhost:3000" I am able to successfully preview emails to my specification without problems using:

config.action_mailer.delivery_method = :letter_opener

However, my email is being sent without images (maybe assets) using:

config.action_mailer.delivery_method = :smtp

What am I missing?

Mailer view code

<%= image_tag("#{image_path 'logo.png'}", :alt => "logo") %>

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Did you want the images as attachments? Or images inside the body of the email? –  ForgetfulFellow Jul 22 at 4:56
I want images inline with the body of the email. –  user1584575 Jul 22 at 4:57
How are you including the images in your email? Could I see some code? –  ForgetfulFellow Jul 22 at 5:02
I added some mailer view code. –  user1584575 Jul 22 at 5:20

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In your mailer file (eg: app/mailers/user_mailer.rb) call email_images before your mail() function


email_images # build images used in email
mail(to: @user.email, subject: 'New password request')


def email_images
    attachments.inline['logo.png'] = File.read('app/assets/images/mailer/logo.png')

In your mailer template use:

  <%= image_tag attachments['logo.png'].url -%>
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Is this the same way to do it on production? –  user1584575 Jul 22 at 6:03
I am getting NoMethodError - undefined method `url' for nil:NilClass: using this. Has url been deprecated on Rails 4? –  user1584575 Jul 22 at 6:09
Check the docs. api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActionMailer/Base.html –  DoctorRu Jul 22 at 6:24

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