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I have implemented a REST web service in GRAILS which client can get resized image through it.

Now the question is :

How can I test the web service to estimate the maximum number of images that can be served per second?

For this purpose, I've used selenium to test load time of resized image and estimate it that how long does it take time. But the page is loaded in 1 second or in some cases 2 second. What I'm thinking that it's not the right way to test the loading of image...

My GSP code for test with Selenium in Grails:

 <sel:test name="MyTest">
 <sel:row command="open" target="${request.contextPath}/resizableImage/show?imageName=snails.jpg&width=200&height=100" value=""/>
 <sel:row line="open|${request.contextPath}|"/>

I am not sure that it is the correct way or is there any other solution for that.

Thanks for any suggestion or clarification.

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