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I am newer in mongoDB. My actual data contains following information

> db.admins.find();
{ "_id" : ObjectId("53cdfb5518dd87a6169c7907"), 
  "username" : "admin", 
  "email" : "sadikhasan.palsaniya@slktechlabs.com", 
  "password" : "b3dfaf29547a69faaaaf63e1223bb4c479c80203" }

When I write following query it returns none (No any record)

> db.admins.find( {"OR":{"username":"admin","email":"admin"},

Where am I wrong I don't know why it is not work. If more information needed I help you.

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Have you checked the documentation on the $or operator? –  Sammaye Jul 22 at 6:56
No, Here i mentioned query is auto generated by cakephp. –  Sadikhasan Jul 22 at 6:58
You need to talk to the cakephp guys then because that query is seriously wrong –  Sammaye Jul 22 at 6:59
Can you give me equivalent mongodb query? –  Sadikhasan Jul 22 at 7:02
db.admins.find({$or: [{'username': 'admin'}, {'email' : 'admin'}], 'password' : 'b3dfaf29547a69faaaaf63e1223bb4c479c80203'}) would be the correct query –  Sammaye Jul 22 at 7:04

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  1. All MongoDB operators start with a $ and are in lower-case.
  2. The $or operator takes an array of objects of which only one entry needs to be fulfilled
  3. $and is redundant in most cases. When you pass an object with multiple fields, they all have to be fulfilled by default.

So try this:

          { "username":"admin" },
          { "email":"admin" }
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Thanks for help I got solution and I accept it. I posted new question stackoverflow.com/questions/24881556/… which is not worked –  Sadikhasan Jul 22 at 8:00
+1 for given answer with description. Many many thanks. –  Sadikhasan Jul 22 at 8:03

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