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I have a custom taxonomy called issue that is added to standard post type.

I want to list all standard categories that have post in categories taxonomy and specific one issue taxonomy (selected by term_id).

Standard function get_categories(), gets only categories that have post in all categories and in all issues:

$args = array(
    'type'          => 'post',
    'orderby'       => 'name',
    'order'         => 'ASC',
    'hide_empty'    => 1,
    'taxonomy'      => array('category', 'issue'),

$categories = get_categories( $args );
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I don't understand you, do you need posts that belongs to a standard category AND also belongs to a specific term. If a post doesn't belong to both, you don't want them to be displayed –  Pieter Goosen Jul 22 at 10:40
Im creating a wordpress menu, and I don't want to display items that are empty. Menu items are categories. I want to display those menu items that have posts in them and also have posts in certain issue taxonomy. –  strongBAD Jul 22 at 10:46

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