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I retrieve a list of pairs from a JSON document. I can retrieve each pair through

    alert(key+" "+value);

but for certain cases, I would like to retrieve only each value, put it in an array so I can add it to an autocomplete function :


But I cannot find how to construct the object "listOfValues".

I have almost no experiences in JQuery and JSON. (That's why I assume, my question is quite simple, but I cannot find the solution)

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You can use $.map function:

var dimensions = { width: 10, height: 15, length: 20 };
var keys = $.map( dimensions, function( value, key ) {
  return key;

Documentation link

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var list = [];

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You can declare an Array of object to hold your listOfValues, and while iterating over your JSON result push each element to the table:

var listOfValues = [];
//Some other JS stuff
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