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I am newer in mongoDB with cakephp.

CakePHP Code


It's equvivalent mongoDB Query

db.admins.find( {"OR":{"username":"admin","email":"admin"},
                [] ).sort( [] ).limit( 1 ).skip( 0 ).hint( [] ) 

My problem is cakephp generate automatic mongoDB query but it not working. SO my question is :

I have to set any configuration for it or install any plugin for that Or I have to written code for that. If more information required I will give.

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It seems Cake PHP directly transposes the query into MongoDBs own query document as such your query is completely wrong, you should try:

$adminData = $this->Admin->find(
     array('conditions' => array(
         '$or' => array(
             array('Admin.username' => $this->data['Admin']['username']), 
             array('Admin.email' => $this->data['Admin']['username'])

Something like that.

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Really Very thanks it works like charm!!! –  Sadikhasan Jul 22 at 8:44

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