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I have developed iPhone application and uploaded in Apple store about 2 months ago.At that moment push notification worked properly in production.While updating app we have created new certificate i.e. APNS, CSR, Certification and provision profile and upload in apple store.

Apple push notification only received with newly installed app not with older installed app.

we have updated new PEM file in our server to send push notification.

If user update app user not getting any push notification.

If user install new app from apple store it's getting push notifications.

Can any one help me to short out this problem.

Thanks in Advance

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From the info you provided, I can only guess that there is a mismatch of the device token in the updated app, may be its getting installed from the previous profile, If its an update to the same app, you need not create a different certificate or profile for it, just update a new version on the appstore without changing the CSR or profile –  Geet Jul 22 '14 at 18:18

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