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I am building a Shiny application, but as it should get arguments for data for building plots, I decided to save my app as a function (using this tutorial: http://shiny.rstudio.com/articles/function.html ).

Everything is working besides javascript and stylesheets that I would like to include (it was working earlier when I had standard structure: ui.R, server.R and included js/css files were in 'www' folder).

I tried to: - adding the files in the 'www' folder as before ([script.R, www folder: [style.css, script.js]]) - adding the files in separate folder, but in the same directory as the script launching the Shiny app ([script.R, scripts folder: [style.css, script.js]]) - adding the files in the same directory as my script launching the Shiny app ([script.R, style.css, script.js])

For including files I use code like: tags$head(tags$script(src="graph.js"))

Do you have any suggestions how to include scripts when you save your Shinny application as a function? Thanks in advance!

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For anyone who may be having the same issue, I finally came up with the solution :-) There are 'include' functions in Shiny that let you specify a file with the absolute/relative path. Here is the reference: http://shiny.rstudio.com/reference/shiny/latest/include.html

And this is my example code:

app <- function(data)
  ui = fluidPage(
    # I created a 'www' folder that was included
    # in the package that is launching Shiny app
    tags$head(includeScript(system.file('www', 'script.js', package = 'myPackage'))),
    tags$head(includeCSS(system.file('www', 'style.css', package = 'myPackage'))),
    # some UI stuff
  server = function(input, output, session) {
   # some server stuff
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