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I'm working with a Scala application using Intellij Idea 13.1.1 community edition. Although i am able to compile and run my application, but the IDE shows error in editor window as it cannot resolve the class. How can i remove that and enable code completion feature for Scala and Liftweb?

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How did you import the project into IntelliJ? Which class(es) are unable to resolve? –  joescii Jul 22 at 10:23
File > Import Project > Then Selected the project > Create Project from existing source. Did you mean this? All classes of scala and liftweb are unable to resolve. Previously I had used NetBeans. In Netbeans when we import api libraries(jars) we need not worry about code completion. How is it done in IntellIJ? –  Abinash Bastola Jul 22 at 11:21
Do you have the Scala plugin installed? With it, IntelliJ should recognize sbt files in the import file browser. –  joescii Jul 22 at 11:59
yes i do. Do we need to import libraries or jars? –  Abinash Bastola Jul 22 at 13:09
No, not individually. Use File -> Close Project then reimport by selecting the build.sbt file in the file chooser popup. –  joescii Jul 22 at 13:36

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Now I found the solution thanks to joescii. While importing a project import using build.sbt

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Glad you got it! –  joescii Jul 23 at 10:11

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