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I have a website which is already running but does not support php , so I bought another web hosting service . Now I want to redirect to the web hosting server through a link on my existing website .

I dont want to change the name server details of the existing website to the new host .

All i want to do is , redirect a link to the new hosting space and nothing else .

I hope am clear .

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Just set 301 Redirect via .htaccess rules –  Shumail Mohy-ud-Din Jul 22 at 9:41
where do I set it and to what ? –  CleanX Jul 22 at 9:43
see my answer, please –  Shumail Mohy-ud-Din Jul 22 at 9:46

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Set 301 Redirect to your new hosting space URL or IP address by using .htacess rules

First, Create an empty text file using a text editor such as notepad, and save it as htaccess.txt Now add this to that file:

# This allows you to redirect your entire website to new domain or hosting ip address
Redirect 301 / http://new-domain-example.com/

Finally upload this to your old server, and re-name it to .htaccess.

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I dont think you understood my question , I have a link on my website which i want to redirect to the hosting space i bought .hosting space i bought does not have a domain name . –  CleanX Jul 22 at 9:50
@CleanX Your question is not clear. You can't redirect to the hosting space without any link. Redirects are done via headers that follow HTTP protocol. You can only redirect the requests for example, if user comes to the old URL and you have set a redirect, his/her request is redirected and rather than the URL he requested, he's taken to the new URL for which redirect has been set. –  Shumail Mohy-ud-Din Jul 22 at 9:52
@CleanX : Upvote the answer atleast, please. –  Shumail Mohy-ud-Din Jul 22 at 10:06

I'm too sure about your question. But if you want to use other server that support PHP but if you dont want to point your domain, then you just need point your A record to the server that support PHP

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