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I'm using fancybox with angularjs. Fancybox works fine without html5mode but if I enable html5mode page redirects to root when fancybox is shown.

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Can you produce a fiddle? –  Raghav Jul 22 at 12:18
I'm sorry I can't. But I found the problem. When I click <a ng-href="/images/{{path}}"...>, $routeProvider redirects to root because of $routeProvider.otherwise({redirectTo: '/'}); How can I disable routing? –  aikutto Jul 22 at 13:29
Do you want to disable routing for whole application or just for fancybox urls? –  Raghav Jul 22 at 13:47
Just for fancybox urls. –  aikutto Jul 22 at 13:49
Then do not redirect to any other page in your $routeProvider.otherwise({}) –  Raghav Jul 22 at 13:51

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I've solved the problem by preventing routing.

    function (event, next, current) {
        if (next.indexOf('/images/') > 0) {
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