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How do I add an if statement when the right image is at +400px, then animate back to -400px... when hovering the right image?

$('#left img').mouseenter(function() {
  $('#right img').animate({
    left: '+=400px'
  }, 700);                            

$('#right img').mouseenter(function() {
  $('#left img').animate({
    left: '-=400px'
  }, 700);


Something similar to this. (the two main images on the site)

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Why simply not use: mouseleave

$("#left img").mouseenter(function(){

Peraphs is the same of mouseover / mouseout AND hover

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thank you for your time –  user295292 Mar 29 '10 at 22:59
no problem bro! ;-) –  aSeptik Mar 29 '10 at 23:00

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