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I'm trying to upload an image from my android device's cache to a server running the Play! framework 2.0 using the retrofit library.

Client side:

The interface:

public JSONObject uploadImage(@Part("image") TypedFile slide);

calling it:

RestAdapter restAdapter = new RestAdapter.Builder()

    SimpleCallService service = restAdapter.create(SimpleCallService.class);
    TypedFile uploadFile = new TypedFile("image/png", file);
    JSONObject testObject = service.uploadImage(uploadFile);

(file being a File object and not null)

Server side:

routes file:

 POST        /lesson/insert   controllers.LessonController.insert()                               

...and the Server Method:

public static Result insert(){
    Map<String, Object> result = Maps.newHashMap(); 
    Http.MultipartFormData body = request().body().asMultipartFormData();
    if(body == null){
        Log.debug("body is empty!");

    File file = body.getFiles().get(0).getFile();
    //create File on server 

    if(file != null){
        result.put("message", "file.upload.failed.parsing.error");
        return badRequest(Json.toJson(result));


What seems confusing is that wireshark claims something is transmitted, but the call on the android device returns immediately with a server error. Wireshark output:

59021   357.207891000   #src ip #dest ip    HTTP    941 POST /lesson/insert HTTP/1.1  (PNG)

The internal server error appears before that line on Wireshark.

The error:

I get a null pointer exception when trying to access the body. I've tried doing the same without Multipart (with the TypedFile as @Body and changing the BodyParser like this:

    public static Result insert() {
    Map<String, Object> result = Maps.newHashMap();
    Http.RawBuffer body = request().body().asRaw();

Still, "body" is null. request().body() is a "DefaultBodyParser" with all values set to false/null. Can anyone shed some light on this?

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Found the answer, cannot post it yet due to reputation. In case anyone was wondering: I forgot to specify a max size for my request body on the play! side of things. This lead to the sent packet being too big and thus the body being null. I changed the parser line to @BodyParser.Of(value = BodyParser.AnyContent.class, maxLength = MAX_FILE_SIZE_B) works now. –  user2893618 Jul 22 at 15:01

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