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So I currently have a workbook that has several sheets of pivottables sourced from a SQL database that is updated every hour but has another process that takes a snapshot once per day and date-stamps that snapshot. Every table in SQL has a column for date. I'd like to create a copy of that workbook that has a master drop down showing all of the available dates from the database, allow me to select a date and reference ONLY those rows with that date for all tables in the entire workbook.

Too much for excel?

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You can do the filtering in Excel with MS Query. This post is old, but still helpful: dailydoseofexcel.com/archives/2004/12/13/…. This allows you to use Views in SQL Server, so that the processing is done on that end, so it might not be too much for Excel. –  Doug Glancy Jul 22 at 15:49
Ah! This gave me an idea to push me into the right direction with research. You can use a slicer and connect it to multiple pivottables. Since I use the same column name for all of my tables, I have a single slicer that controls the filtering of ALL tables. Brilliant. Thank you for the hint! –  Joe Hancuff Jul 23 at 15:08

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