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I'm having a problem with Flex 4 beta 2...

I can't call a class using: <fx:Script source:"myClass"/>

For some reason, no matter what I do, the error is always the same:

Packages cannot be nested

I found links to, but they were all broken links.

So, is this a Flex bug or there is a new way to use external classes in Flash Builder 4?

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Thanks NSP!

  1. I removed the package and class declarations from my .as file (along with the scope brackets '{' and '}).
  2. I used the '=' symbol as the assignment operator (as you suggested).


<fx:Script source="">

That did the trick.

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i think you have to write: <fx:Script source="myClass"/> ( no colon but the equal sign .... )

... and myClass must be an actionScript file and not a class

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Actually, the Flash Builder intellisense tells me that I must use ":". And about the class, it is a file with .as extension inside a proper package... I just dont know what is happening. – Artemix Mar 22 '10 at 16:18

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