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What if there is nothing that matches the get? Then it returns in an error.

How do I say: get if there is, otherwise, return nothing.

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By "nothing" you mean None? –  FogleBird Mar 22 '10 at 0:05
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You could create a shortcut like this (based on get_object_or_404):

from django.shortcuts import _get_queryset

def get_object_or_none(klass, *args, **kwargs):
  queryset = _get_queryset(klass)
    return queryset.get(*args, **kwargs)
  except queryset.model.DoesNotExist:
    return None

Not sure why this shortcut doesn't exist (perhaps someone with more django under their belt can explain) as it is a reasonably useful shortcut that I use from time to time.

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Use try/except or get_object_or_404

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or you can try django annoying

pip install django-annoying

then import get_object_or_None(klass, *args, **kwargs)

from annoying.functions import get_object_or_None
get_object_or_None(User, email='test@test.com')

Here is the project repo on github

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