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I looking for a Windows replacement for Unix crypt(3), is there any native windows function equivalent to the Unix crypt function?

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Why? It's one of the weakest pieces of cryptography ever published. Please be secure and use something stronger. –  EJP Jul 22 at 17:27
I mostly want to use it for backwards compatibility. Do you know of a good replacement that is native supported in Windows? –  José Jul 22 at 17:45
Please define "equivalent to the Unix crypt function" –  David Heffernan Jul 23 at 7:57
I want to have a password files, what are the alternatives to use crypt, is there something directly supported by Windows API. –  José Jul 23 at 12:38

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You want the Windows Crypto API. There's a pretty straightforward example available. If you're using C#, there are easier to use wrappers in the System.Security.Cryptography namespace.

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