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I have been trying to do this but keep getting the error: "Application Defined or Object defined error" for the .Offset line. On the spreadsheet "Log Frame info" I want to find every row that has the value Sustainability:* in column O and copy the corresponding information in column M for that row. Then I want that information pasted to the spreadsheet "SPSE Tran" starting at cell B73. I know this is not in the code but, if possible, if should skip copying the M column if M is blank (even when there is Sustainability:* in column O.

Sub test()

Dim RngDest as Range

With Sheets("SPSE Tran")
    Set RngDest = .Range("B73")
End With

With Sheets("Log Frame Info").Range("O:O")
    .AutoFilter 1, "Sustainability:*"
    .Offset(1, -2).Copy RngDest
End With

End Sub
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The .Offset command doesn't make sense in that context since you have selected a column ("O"). (You offset vertically when you have selected a column...) – Sifu Jul 22 '14 at 19:33
Thanks for the help Sifu. I was able to make it work by limiting O to O1:O1000. Do you know how I can make it where it only copies when the offset (1,-2) has a value in it? (is not blank) – spaindc Jul 23 '14 at 13:18
You can put an If statement. Something along this : If Not Isempty({Offset cell}) Then 'Copying' End if – Sifu Jul 23 '14 at 13:26

I figured it out, the range needs to have a limit at the end because Excel has a limited amount of total rows. Consequently if you add the range O1:O1000 it works!

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