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I have the following array in Javascript:

//the image xpto is in the position
    //  (x,y)        (x+width,y)
    //  (x,y+height) (x+width,y+height)
    var imageLocations = {
        album : [ 0, 0, 0, 0, "Photo Album", false],
        interest : [ 0, 0, 0, 0, "Interests", false],
        family : [ 0, 0, 0, 0, "People", false],
        places : [ 0, 0, 0, 0, "Places", false],

Then i add this event listener:

canvas.addEventListener("click", on_click(imageLocations), false);

when i pass him the imageLocations in the onClick the imageLocations is already defined, but then when i use it in the following code i am getting cannot read property '5' of undefined :

//if the link has been clicked, go to link
    function on_click(e, imageLocations) {
        if (imageLocations[0]**[5]**) {
            window.location = "photoalbum.jsp?book="+imageLocations[0][4];
        }else if(imageLocations[1][5]){
            window.location = "photoalbum.jsp?book="+imageLocations[1][4];
        }else if(imageLocations[2][5]){
            window.location = "photoalbum.jsp?book="+imageLocations[2][4];
        }else if(imageLocations[3][5]){
            window.location = "photoalbum.jsp?book="+imageLocations[3][4];

in this function i cant access the [5]. Why is this? i know it might be a scope problem but how do i pass the parameter imageLocations to this function properly?

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You have an Object that contains arrays. Not the same thing as a multidimensional array.

try accessing this object via the prop name.


The error is pretty clear - '5' is not undefined, the object you are trying to hit is.

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imageLocations is an object therefore you have to access with the right keys:

function on_click(e, imageLocations) {
    if (imageLocations['album'][5]) {
        window.location = "photoalbum.jsp?book="+imageLocations['album'][4];
    }else if(imageLocations['interest'][5]){
        window.location = "photoalbum.jsp?book="+imageLocations['interest'][4];
    }else if(imageLocations['family'][5]){
        window.location = "photoalbum.jsp?book="+imageLocations['family'][4];
    }else if(imageLocations['places'][5]){
        window.location = "photoalbum.jsp?book="+imageLocations['places'][4];

You are also passing the result from the on_click function as the handler. (witch is undefined)

You should pass the function instead:

canvas.addEventListener("click", on_click, false);
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i tried that already, same thing happens. – João Jul 22 '14 at 19:05
follow the @Bosworth99 answer. imageLocations is an object, therefore imageLocations[0] will be undefined. You should use imageLocations['album'][5]. – razvanz Jul 22 '14 at 19:08

If you want your on_click function to be able to see imageLocations, then one solution is to use a closure. Define your on_click function in the same function where var imageLocations is declared.

function init() {
    var imageLocations = [...];

    var on_click = function(e) {

    canvas.addEventListener("click", on_click, false);

You could also declare var imageLocations outside (above) the init function. on_click would still be able to see it. Just don't change it before on_click runs!

An alternative is to create a new function that has imageLocations bound to it:

   canvas.addEventListener("click", on_click.bind(canvas,imageLocations), false);


function on_click(imageLocations, e) {   // Note the order is switched

I haven't tested that, but I believe something like that could work. bind can do "partial application", where it accepts some parameters, and returns you a function which will accept the remaining parameters later.

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