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How do I find if the div I'm cloning has more than one of a child div with a certain class, and if so only clone one of them.

Say the cloned div is .diseaseCon, and the child div(s) is .symptomCon, in the cloning action, how can I detect if there's more than one .symptomCon divs and only clone one if there are?

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e.g. find first .diseaseCon and clone it with only cloning the first .symptomCon too (actually I remove all .symptomCon but the first but that amounts to the same)


If you want to clone it and e.g. then append it to the body either use




Depending on the syntax you like more (where the first syntax should be faster as all operations are done on a fragment and only then the dom is modified

And you can replace :not(:first) with :gt(0) too. Or if you want to keep another symptom but the first use :not(:eq(X)) where X is the index of the symptom you want to keep

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Your second solution was right on target. Good stuff. Thanks a bunch! –  eknown Mar 22 '10 at 2:29

If you are cloning the parent DIV, I think you need to remove all but one of the cloned inner DIVs after you are done cloning.

 var klone = $('.diseaseCon').clone();
 ...now do something with the clone...
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Good answer! Thanks –  eknown Mar 22 '10 at 2:28

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