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I'm working on C++ program that I have not programmed myself and I'm having issues with the debug/release mode in Visual Studio 2008. The program compiles well but fails at runtime (it's a car simulator and crashes when attempts to draw the car). Debug mode works fine but release mode doesn't, and I can't seem to find why. I've been told it is possibly caused by some problem with the memory, either a pointer with incorrect adress or buffer overflows... I've found something that is possibly a symptom.

I pass a command argument via the property pages (for both debug and release) and receive it in main.cpp. However, using the debugger I've found out that whereas in the debug version argc=2 and argv correctly receives the command argument, in release mode argc=0 and argv seems to be wrong. What I see in argv while debuggind in release mode is: "CXX0030: Error: expression cannot be evaluated".


//some includes

int main(int argc, char** argv){ 

printf("%d   %s",argc, *argv);

struct cnode Cnode[MAX_TNODES];
struct crod Crod[MAX_TRODS];
struct openClosedLoops openClosedLoopsC[MAX_OCLOOPS];
struct mbsoptions mbsOptionsC;
unsigned int PM[MAX_TNODES][MAX_TNODES];
unsigned int izInd[MAX_COORIND], izDep[MAX_COORDEP], izDrc[MAX_COORDRC];
unsigned int TbodyTnode[MAX_TNODES], TdrivenTnode[MAX_COORDRC], TjointTnode[MAX_TJOINTS];
int nocJoints, nzInd, nzDep, nzDrc, nRods, nLoops, nTnodes, nJoints;

int nTimes_exp, nTimes_imp, sizeY, sizeYfull, nfields, nfil, ncol, err;// status;
FILE *pFile_W;

double *y, *y0, *y0full, *zAcc, *y1, *T, **Y, **Ydot, h, t0, t1, *tspan_exp, *tspan_imp, last_3D_time=0, **Y00; 
double *k1, *k2, *k3, *k4, *tempy; 
int i,j;

// Reactions
int count, nReactions;
double *reactions, **REAC;

// Sensitivities
//double* b;
int nParameters;

// Virtual driver
double y0Drc[2], yDrc[2], y1Drc[2], k1Drc[2], k2Drc[2], k3Drc[2], k4Drc[2];
eraseVector(2, y0Drc);

// Output tire forces
double *Fy_slope0, *Fx0, *Fy0, *Fn0, *My0, *Mz0;

    if (argc != 2)
    mexErrMsgTxt("main() arguments wrongly defined.");
char dirfull[MAX_DIR], *modelname = argv[1];
sprintf(dirfull, "%s%s%s%s", BIN_FROM_PROJECT_DIR, "StandaloneDATA_", modelname, "_main.txt");
err = fopen_s(&pFile_W, dirfull,"r");
if (err != 0)
    mexErrMsgTxt("StandaloneDATA missing.");

// tspan explicit
readNumberFileI(pFile_W, nTimes_exp);
tspan_exp = createVector(nTimes_exp);
readVectorFile(pFile_W, nTimes_exp, tspan_exp);
/* Energy balance in deriv */
mbsOptionsC.tspan = tspan_exp;
mbsOptionsC.ntspan = nTimes_exp;

// tspan implicit
readNumberFileI(pFile_W, nTimes_imp);
tspan_imp = createVector(nTimes_imp);
readVectorFile(pFile_W, nTimes_imp, tspan_imp);

// y0
readNumberFileI(pFile_W, sizeY);
y0 = createVector(sizeY);
readVectorFile(pFile_W, sizeY, y0);

    // y0full
readNumberFileI(pFile_W, sizeYfull);
y0full = createVector(sizeYfull);
readVectorFile(pFile_W, sizeYfull, y0full);

// zacc
readNumberFileI(pFile_W, nocJoints);
zAcc = createVector(nocJoints);
readVectorFile(pFile_W, nocJoints, zAcc);

// Tnode
readNumberFileI(pFile_W, nfields);
readNumberFileI(pFile_W, nTnodes);
Standalone_tr_Tnode_Read(Cnode, modelname);


The problem is that with the printf I do at the beginning I get the same result printed in both cases, although I clearly see argc=0 while debugging. And I don't get the "main arguments wrongly defined" or the "StandaloneDATA missing" either. I'm even running release mode with the Generate Debug Info option on and the Optimization disabled, but still doesn't work.

I start having trouble when calling Standalone_tr_Tnode_Read (last line) and passing modelname, it tells me its a bad pointer ( ).

To sum up: why is this happening? Is this the source of my problems? Thanks a lot for your time and answers.

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