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I want to be able to do something like this

rails_admin do
  partial "custom_view", variable: my_variable

Rails_admin does not complain, but the model variable is not recognizable inside the partial neither

I tried few other syntaxes such as : partial "custom_view", :variable => my_variable or partial "custom_view", :locales { :variable => my_variable }but no luck...

Any clues how to achieve this ?


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Try render partial: "custom_view", locals: { variable: my_variable }

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It did not work either... –  user3442206 Jul 23 at 12:58

You didn't really give enough information, but the answer above is close. For one variable, you can do something like

render partial: "foo/custom_view", admin: @user


render partial: "foo/custom_view", locals: { admin: @user }
render partial: "foo/custom_view", object: @user, as: 'admin'

unless it is a collection, then you would

render partial: "foo/custom_view", things: @things


render partial: "foo/custom_view", locals: { things: @things }
render partial: "foo/custom_view", collection: @things, as: 'things'
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Thanks for your help, but non of them works ! The variable inside the partial is not being recognized when i try to print it in the view as first line on the page... –  user3442206 Jul 23 at 12:59
do you have the code posted anywhere? if you do, i can take a look. –  txdavidtx Jul 23 at 15:26

Today had the same question. I poked around using documentation here https://github.com/sferik/rails_admin/wiki/Railsadmin-DSL

  config.model YourModel do
    edit do
      field :field_name do
        def render
          bindings[:view].render :partial => 'rails_admin/main/name_of_partial', :locals => {:field => self, :form => bindings[:form], variable: my_variable}

And put your partial under views/rails_admin/main/name_of_partial.html.erb

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