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I am trying to get a hackable installation of vagrant working on my machine. It uses bundler, and in its Gemspec it refers to the remote "." to add itself as a gem. The bundle install command seems to be working, but the "vagrant" gem doesn't seem to appear in gem list:

alexandma@ALEXANDMA-1-MBP ~/Projects/vagrant_ (master)
bundle install | grep "vagrant "
Using vagrant 1.6.4.dev from source at .
alexandma@ALEXANDMA-1-MBP ~/Projects/vagrant_ (master)
gem list | grep -c vagrant
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Installing a gem from a file path or Git repository with Bundler will not install an actual gem file that can be seen by the gem command. Only Bundler is aware of the gem, so you'll need to run Bundler-aware commands to use it. In this case, running bundle list will show the entire list of dependencies including the line you see from the output of bundle install (Using vagrant 1.6.4.dev from source at .). To invoke the bundled version of Vagrant, you'll need to run bundle exec vagrant.

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