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I have a ListView that is populated using an XML file. However, I want each item, when clicked, to start a new Activity related to that item.

I understand how to use OnItemClick to start a Toast that shows the selected item's text. However, since the ListView is populated from an XML there is not a specific Id for each item in the list.

So, how would I associate an Activity with each item in the ListView when the items do not have Ids?

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Maintain in your XML file a node for the Activity that has to be called, in a numeric or string format. Then have a list of activities in a collection, that are implementing a certain interface/abstract class, so that you can loop on it. Also activities have a static field/method that return their reference number or string so you can compare too.

Some sketch:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        name="Item One"
        id="grp1" />
        name="Item Two"
        id="grp2" />

In Java:

    List<AbstractTable> col = new ArrayList<AbstractTable>();
    col.add(new clsGroup1(this.ctx));
    col.add(new clsGroup2(this.ctx));

    for (AbstractTablecls : col) {
                if (cls.getTag().equals(varFromListSelection)) {
                         //launch intent of this class

where getTag() returns the identifier for the class eg: grp1 or grp2

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