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I want some advice on which framework to use for building an IOS and Andriod mobile application - jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap or Titanium.

The main functions of the application are, accessing notifications, camera, save to camera roll, share on facebook / other social networks, build video from images.

Which framework out of the three or combined would you recommend?

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I'll start my answer by saying - if you can build your app native - do it native.

Of course, there are the obvious reasons for wanting to build your app with multi-platform tools - such as time to market, single code base... (out of the scope of this answer).

I have asked myself the same question as you are more than once... and a short, yet simple answer is: it depends on the project you are building.

Kevin Whinnery from Appcelerator wrote an article comparing the 2 technologies (of course, he works for Appcelerator and therefor has Titanium on his mind - but I believe it's a pretty objective article).

The main reason to use Titanium over PhoneGap is that the objects on the screen are NATIVE platform object, while phonegap is plain HTML object. While titnium renders real object phonegap is just a warper of a WebView allowing interface calls to native.

The main reason for using phonegap is that plain HTML and javascript is more familiar than learning the Titanium API, and phonegap supports more plaforms (Titanium support iOS, Android and blackberry - sadly, no windows phone yet). But if you take a look at usage statistics, the major platforms are iOS and Android.

As far as performance goes - I really don't know which platform is better - but none of them compare to native.

As for jQuery mobile - I would stay away from it. It's just for building mobile ui, and from my experience (and from others I've read), has bad performance.

If you're going on the phonegap solution, I'd recommend a different platform for you called Ionic Framework (don't know if it's ok to recommend packages on StackOverflow, so I'm not supplied a link - you could google it).

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Phonegap allow you to communicate native device features like Push notifications, camera, Social Sharing

Jquery mobile is for building UI

JQuery mobile runs on the top of phonegap.

I suggest phonegap with jquery mobile

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Use Jquery mobile with phonegap...

Here is a good guide for getting started:

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