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I was wondering if there is any way to style textArea, placed into a div with css columns properties.

My textArea styled with a border and has resizable height property. So I want users to type into text area and when its divided into two columns, first column doesn't lose its bottom border and second doesn't lose its top border.

.wrapper {
  height: 400px;
  width: 700px;
  padding: 10px;
  border: 1px solid;
  overflow: hidden;
  -moz-columns: 2 200px;
  -webkit-columns: 2 200px;

textarea {
  height: 700px;
  width: 300px;
  padding: 5px;
  border: 3px solid green;

<div class="wrapper">

For some reasons I try to avoid solutions based on the 'contenteditable' parameter.

At the same time it seems that css-columns doesn't affect the textArea in Firefox.

Here is my plunker, so u can run it both in Firefox and Chrome to compare.

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can you post the HTML as well? –  celerno Jul 22 at 22:45
Hi! I've updated my post with a plunker. –  Qustion Jul 24 at 10:46

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Because your textarea is a single element, I don't think you're going to be able to place arbitrary borders where it splits between the columns. You could consider a pair of floating div elements that each contain a narrow green rule to fake the top and bottom borders, but that would be defeated if you continue to allow your users to resize the textarea element.

Also, based on what I can see, while Chrome happily splits your textarea between the columns, Firefox is not so generous. Both, however, split a regular paragraph of text with no issues: http://jsfiddle.net/brightmatrix/r2hFj/.

May I ask why you want to split a textarea this way?

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Thanks for your response, Mike! As a result I want to refuse from scroll, so I need an alternative way to navigate through the textArea, cause its wrapper is limited in height. –  Qustion Jul 24 at 13:39
You still have my curiosity, @breath ... what are you doing that requires the user to type into a textarea that spans two columns? If you're able to tell me a bit more about your use case, perhaps I could offer a different solution that will work for your project. –  brightmatrix Jul 25 at 10:43
Mike, thank you for willing to help me! This mostly design issue. Regular text is displayed in columns and as seen from your fiddle both browsers doing it well. I want to have a minimum of changes in page style when switching to edit mode (its only border appears around the text). This need to be done cross-browser and as simple as possible. Now I'm writing a script by which I want to combine two textAreas, but it seems too big and too slow for this task. –  Qustion Jul 25 at 11:51
Are you looking at any jQuery text editor plug-ins for this kind of task? I was looking at an unanswered question this morning and see there's quite a few to choose from. Perhaps one of them could work with your design requirements. Here's a list from January that compiles a few: jquerybyexample.net/2014/01/…. I also found this tutorial on inline page editing using a library called popline: spyrestudios.com/html5-inline-text-editing-popline. I hope these help! –  brightmatrix Jul 25 at 12:23
Much obliged and very best of luck with your project. –  brightmatrix Jul 25 at 19:07

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