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In Fred Georges talk about microservice architectures, he mentions using Kafka as a high speed bus (he refers to as the rapids) and connecting multiple 0mq instances (refered to as rivers) to it. A slide of this can be seen here.

Can anyone share how this binding might be best implemented?

Also keen to hear how this might be implemented using nanomsg instead of 0mq.

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Binding implementation options:

  1. KAFKA EventBus >>>

    has readily available bindings to ( 0.8.x+ ):

    • Python
    • Go (AKA golang)
    • C
    • C++
    • .net
    • Clojure
    • Ruby
    • Node.js
    • Storm
    • Scala DSL
    • JRuby
    • Perl
    • stdin/stdout
  2. ZeroMQ has similarly wide bindings already available for many of these

  3. nanomsg reports self by Martin Sustrik as being currently in rather a development state

Fred George's Anything Publishing Everything ( just in sake somebody somewhere in the future may (or may not) find something of it useful ) Architecture vision:

sounds to be both somehow promising and also very demanding. Thus one would make her/his best once selecting rather a bit earlier, more stable, ZeroMQ version, with lowest latency / minimum overheads and a proved bug-free man*years of production grade operations.

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